Comprehensive Breast Clinic of the Triangle

Clinic Services
Physical Therapy: Our surgical staff provides instruction on pre and post-operative range of motion exercises that will aid the patient in maintaining optimal function.

Social Services: We provide patients with contacts and resources available in the community and nation-wide regarding breast care.

Support Groups: Our patients are provided information regarding breast cancer support groups and hotlines.

At the Comprehensive Breast Clinic of the Triangle, we take a TEAM approach to breast care:

Treatment: Our surgical team provides the most advanced techniques in the treatment of all breast diseases (benign or malignant), as well as reconstruction and cosmesis.

Education: Our patients are informed about their breasts (via educational library), breast self-exam, treatment options of breast cancer, options of breast cosmesis and reconstruction, and complementary educational materials including books, pamphlets and seminars on breast care.

Aesthetics: Plastic Surgeons on our team provides a wide variety of breast cosmetic and reconstructive options.

Multidisciplinary: We use a comprehensive approach to the diagnosis and treatment of breast diseases.